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Manage.Com Delivers Enterprise-Wide Transaction Manager

Santa Clara, CA-based Manage.Com delivered its FrontLine e.M software to allow enterprises doing business over the Web to securely manage transactions and processes across an extended electronic community.

The company said the app ensures "quality of service. . .for suppliers, customers and partners. . ." FrontLine e.M was designed specifically to be "extranet-ready" and manages transactions across firewalls, providing in a single package all the monitoring, control, configuration and diagnostic functions needed in a heterogeneous extranet, the company said.

The key to FrontLine e.M's usability is e.Connect, a "live" connection service from the user's site to a Manage.Com Web site containing e.Registry, a portal that offers management logic for any kind of device, application or service, the company said. Whenever a new type of managed object is added to the user's extranet, the FrontLine e.M software automatically "learns" how to manage that object by downloading appropriate information across the Web from e.Registry.

Written in industry-standard XML (extensible markup language) and built on a native CIM (common information model) database, FrontLine e.M provides a browser-based mechanism for acquiring, integrating and exchanging data within and between disparate network-enabled applications and devices.

When a pre-defined service level for one of a company's key transactions, such as online ordering, is not being met, FrontLine e.M can automatically activate a pre-set policy consisting of a series of actions. First the device or service causing the problem (e.g., database, e-mail, firewall, router or web server) is located, then the specific cause is pinpointed (e.g., the database has run out of free space), and finally action is taken to resolve the problem (e.g., freeing up additional space and/or reconfiguring the database so more space will be available in the future).

FrontLine e.M will be available in July. Pricing starts at $50,000 and includes one year of basic e.Connect service.

Manage.Com will continue to offer its original product, FrontLine FastStart, which provides unified management for smaller e-business intranet and data-center environments. FrontLine FastStart pricing starts at $15,000.