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HKT Rated Asia's Best With Leased Lines

Hongkong Telecom (HKT) has been rated the best performer for international leased lines service in the Asia-Pacific region, and third overall globally, in a survey conducted by Data Communications, US-based industry magazine.

The annual survey is the largest the publication has ever conducted, covering twenty six carriers.

A questionnaire was sent out to readers worldwide with over than 2,800 responding. The weighted overall scores were based on five issues including reliability, performance, price, customer service and range of options.

HKT obtained the highest overall rating among all carriers in the Asia-Pacific region and third overall in the world.

The survey also reported, "Hongkong Telecom received praise for its mix of strong reliability, competitive pricing, and good customer service. In fact, the carrier's customer service is even more personalized than before."

This is the second accolade that the company has received within two months from the same magazine.

The telecom was also rated the region's top performer in frame relay service in a survey report published in the March issue of Data Communications.

"The findings are encouraging as they testify to our commitment to offer world-class regional networking services to our customers as exemplified by the aNet solutions in our Com21 portfolio," said Joseph Ma HKT's director of international market development.

"Backed up by state-of-the-art network infrastructure and dedicated professionals, Hongkong Telecom is well-positioned to play a pivotal part in building up Hong Kong as the communications hub of Asia," added Ma.

HKT, a Cable & Wireless company, owns and manages the largest ISP in Hong Kong, Netvigator, which controls around 60 percent of the market.