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Lycos, NeoPlanet Partner In Desktop Portal Deal

Lycos Inc. Monday partnered with desktop browser/portal NeoPlanet Inc. in an agreement which will direct searches conducted by NeoPlanet's 1.3 million users to the Lycos Network.

The alliance will bring Lycos portal services to the desktop via NeoPlanet's browser interface.

Browser/portal integration features include tools for site personalization, Lycos content on NeoPlanet's channel bar, and the Lycos search function. The combination of services allows for extensive browser/portal personalization, which can be updated frequently.

Lycos plans to launch several Lycos-branded versions of NeoPlanet to be distributed to Lycos Network's nearly 32 million users.

"This agreement gives consumers unprecedented control of their Internet environment, extending Lycos' industry-leading personalization services to the desktop, in a way that is faster, easier to use and fun," said Drew Cohen, NeoPlanet's chief executive officer.

"Aligning with Lycos allows NeoPlanet to leverage the reach of the Lycos Network and integrate Lycos' leading Web-based services, with NeoPlanet's desktop navigation tools and personalized browser."

Terms of the deal include Lycos' exclusive right to distribute and market NeoPlanet browsers for both ISPs and computer makers.