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CyberStream to Power "Internet in the Sky"

Israel-based Harmonic Data Systems, a subsidiary of Harmonic Inc., says that Europe Online Networks will use its CyberStream system to power an "Internet in the Sky" satellite service.

Europe Online has chosen the CyberStream TRX 100 Data Gateway for managing the service, and has also certified other CyberStream products such as modems and routers for use by subscribers.

"The increased bandwidth available through the 'Internet in the Sky' system will allow access to a richer, more varied, broadband Internet," said Candace Johnson, president of Europe Online Networks.

CyberStream is a complete, end-to-end solution for the provision of Internet services via satellite or cable. It is DVB/MPE and MPEG-2 compliant, and supports speeds of up to 48 Mbps over satellite and 52 Mbps over cable.

Europe Online Networks is intending to supply an open standard broadband Internet service throughout Europe, via the Astra satellite system. Astra-based television services already reach 27 million direct-to-home (DTH) dishes and 44 million cable connections.

Harmonic Data Systems' parent company, Harmonic Inc., is based in Sunnyvale, Calif.