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Ericsson Introduces Fast Wireless Service

Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson Tuesday made a move to convert remote access users to wireless service with its new WebOnAir solution, which decreases the download time of Web pages to laptops, personal digital assistants and mobile phones.

Ericsson claims that wireless downloading with WebOnAir is up to four times faster than other solutions.

WebOnAir Filter Proxy removes non-essential HTML code, adapts image quality and compresses information before it is transmitted to the wireless user. That compression reduces the amount of bandwidth needed to carry IP services.

However, download time is still relative to the amount of graphical content. The user controls the quality of the downloaded images, which determines the speed of the download process.

Ericsson hopes the solution will bridge wireline and wireless Internet access and propel the currently neglected wireless market forward.

Germany's Mannesman is the first operator to install the solution and has already launched its first compatible service.