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Brazil's B-to-B E-Commerce to Reach US$140 Billion

According to the International Data Corp. (IDC), business-to-business e-commerce in Brazil will reach US$140 million in 1999 and US$1.9 billion in 2003.

The figures show a growth of almost 1500 percent in four years in this market segment. IDC estimates that last year approximately US$60 million worth of business-to-business e-commerce transactions were conducted in the country.

According to IDC, Brazilian consumers spending in e-commerce will be three times greater in the next four years. Among the 3.2 million Brazilian Internet users, nearly 331 thousand will shop online in 1999, spending an average US$215.

IDC projections for 2003 are 7.5 million Internet users in the country, among which 1.12 million will buy online, with an average spending of US$675.

Gerd Souza, research manager at IDC do Brazil, says this study was done early in 1999, based on e-commerce profile and patterns in Brazil.

"We built a model of the national market dimension taking into account parameters such as the PC installed base, the Brazilian consumers profile and the GNP performance," says Souza. The study about Brazil is part of IDC research for Latin America.