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e centre UK Welcomes E-Commerce Report

e centre UK, the UK authority on standards and practices in electronic trade, warmly welcomed the Trade and Industry Committee's report "Building Confidence in Electronic Commerce: The Government's Proposals," published Wednesday. The report was strongly critical of proposed legislation that still contained controversial key escrow and key recovery provisions.

Managing Director Alan Boxer said he looked forward to "that happy day dawning" when the government publishes a new e-commerce Bill promising what he called "crisp, light regulation."

"At the top of our wish list is the simple statement that we want to be able to work in a UK that engenders trust and confidence in doing business electronically," he added.

"We share the Committee's disappointment that the government may not have entirely given up on key escrow and key recovery, despite the complete lack of any benefit that would arise from its introduction," said Roger Till, a director of e centre UK.

Till went on to say that there should be cooperation between industry and the various security agencies, and that any task force should include users as well as suppliers. In its report the committee proposed an ongoing task force to examine the role of cryptography and its impact on national security.

"We endorse the Committee's view that legislation to clarify the status of electronic signatures would command widespread support. It comes back to creating trust and confidence. At e centre UK we have argued consistently that the paper and electronic worlds should be treated equally in law," Till said.

e centre UK was formed by the October 1998 merger of the Article Number Association with the Electronic Commerce Association.