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Office Internet Usage Spikes

Internet measurement firm Media Metrix reported Thursday Internet usage at work substantially outpaced home surfing.

The statistics were part of its report on the top 50 digital Web site rankings for April.

Media Matrix found that users spent 37 percent more time on the Internet at work than at home and that most of this time was spent on news, shopping and computer Web sites. Top at-work sites included CNNfn.com, Ford.com, IBM.com, Sears.com, The New York Times, boston.com, Onsale Intel Corp., and Gateway.

The top ten properties for April were AOL Network, Microsoft sites, Yahoo sites, Lycos Network, Go Network, GeoCities, The Excite Network, Time Warner Online, Blue Mountain Arts, and AltaVista sites.

The measurement services also released their monthly top Web site list, with AOL.com, msn.com, go.com, GeoCities and Netscape in the top five rankings.