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Microsoft UK Boss Attacks British Attitudes to the Net

David Svendsen, the head of Microsoft UK, Tuesday savaged UK attitudes to the Internet in his keynote address at Internet World '99 in London.

He not only attacked the government's record in formulating e-commerce policy, but he also criticised UK business for its slowness in grasping online opportunities.

"Time is running out, and it may already be too late," said Svendsen, warning that the chance to get onto the e-commerce bandwagon would not last for long.

Among his specific criticisms, Svendsen referred to the government's slowness in dealing with the issues that face a rapidly-moving industry. In particular, he pointed to the difficulties in bringing out the Electronic Commerce Bill and the government's alleged attempts to control the Internet.

Even the promise to deliver all government services by 2008 was "three years too late," according to Svendsen.

Nor did Svendsen end at that point. He lamented the fact that not enough people are online in the UK -- and that those who are online do not use the Internet effectively.

Worst of all: not enough people attended Svendsen's talk, a fact to which he drew attention before beginning his address.