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e2 Software: 'Amazonify' E-Commerce Web Sites

E-commerce e-mail provider e2 Software Corp. Tuesday launched e2Mail, an e-mail communications framework aimed at aiding companies boost e-commerce sales through building personalized customer communications.

e2 said it provides the service and personalization of e-commerce giants such as Amazon but without the time and expense associated with building a custom-built site. The solution is cost-effective, according to the company, since it automates targeted and personalized e-mail messages which target demonstrated preferences, purchase histories and browsing behaviors.

Using e2Mail, companies can use their Web site for lead generation and customer service, while offering outbound e-mail capabilities. Through these services, companies can effectively capture, manage and build customer relationships via more personalized online interactions.

e2 provides an eight-point checkpoint list to tell if a company is "Amazonified" and rate its e-commerce effectiveness:

How Well Do You . . .

  • Turn Web site visitors into qualified leads?

  • Deliver personalized, "customer-ized" quality communications to customers and prospects?

  • Reassure customers consistently throughout each and every interaction?

  • Let customers specify the precise information they want to receive from you?

  • Continually improve your knowledge of customers and prospects?

  • Develop customer loyalty and build long-lasting customer relationships?

  • Capture missed opportunities and leverage that information "the next time around"?

  • Support superior customer service and customer teams?

"Providing traditional customer service online can present a real challenge to companies that do not have the resources to build a customized site," said Jeff Farris, chairman and CEO of e2 Software Corp.

"But with sites like Amazon.com setting the standard for online customer service, it won't be long before customers demand this kind service. e2 Software can help companies stay ahead of the demand by identifying the weak points of a company's online service and providing an affordable solution in e-mail for e-commerce. With our help, companies will be able to perform like the amazon.coms and e-Bays of the Internet," said Farris.

The e2Mail Communications Framework package employs several key features to help companies manage e-commerce initiatives, such as the development and management of comprehensive contact histories, SaleTracks, SmartCollateral and a corporate e-mail inbox.

When customers interact with a company, information is captured from inbound e-mails and e-commerce transactions. This data is automatically stored in a database that tracks each subsequent event associated with the user. When customers visit a Web site, they can target the information they want to receive from the company. This information is then stored in the customer profile and can be used to generate sales leads and provide closing opportunities through e-mail.

e2Mail's SalesTracks allows users to set specific rules to automate the sending of sequenced or multi-step messages, planned follow-ups, regularly scheduled content and other relationship-building activities. SmartCollateral also provides a library of personalized messages designed for specific customer questions and scenarios that can be accessed by team members to send e-mail responses or used to generate automated responses via the SalesTracks feature.

e2Mail can be integrated with several e-commerce platforms including IBM Net.Commerce and Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition. By combining these e-commerce solutions, e2Mail collects key customer transaction data, adds inbound and outbound e-mail capabilities and adds to existing sales and marketing offerings. e2Mail is also available on Windows NT and is fully scalable and integrateable with most popular Web servers and databases.