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Register.com Launches Domain Registration System

Although testing of the new shared domain registration system is still ongoing, one of Network Solutions Inc.'s competitors Monday began accepting new registrations.

register.com Monday began taking registrations for .com, .net and .org domains. Even though testing of the new system that all registrants will share is still underway, register.com said its customers will be able to fully manage their domains and make updates at any time.

"As of today, register.com will become not only the most easy-to-use service, but also the first alternative in the domain registration industry," said Richard Forman, register.com's president and chief executive officer.

register.com is giving all its customers a new application that allows registrants to change contact information, change billing information, update domain name server information and IP addresses. Customers will also be able to pull up registration information on any of their other domains.

In late April, the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers named register.com as well as America Online Inc., The Internet Council of Registrars, France Telecom/Oleane, Melbourne IT, an Australian e-commerce company and register.com to participate in an initial test phase of the new competitive shared registry system.

Once the first phase is complete, the shared registry system will be opened to all registrars that meet ICANN's accreditation standards. Any of those companies will then be allowed to compete for registering .com, .net and .org domains.

During the test, the five registrars will be given direct access to the domain registry operated by NSI. The testbed is designed to solve all technical glitches before additional registrars are added. The testbed companies will be able to actually register domains for their customers.

Besides the five registrars that are testing the new system, 29 other companies have meet ICANN's accreditation criteria and are expected to begin accepting registrations once the trial is complete.