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Overseas Internet Traffic Increasing

Americans aren't the only ones on the Net anymore. WebSideStory's StatMarket Thursday reported Internet access from international domains has reached nearly half of all Web visits.

StatMarket reported the percentage of Web traffic from foreign domains was 44 percent, nearly matching the combined traffic from commercial (.com), network (.net), educational (.edu), organization (.org), military (.mil), and government (.gov) domains.

The statistics were garnered from free Web site traffic analysis service HitBOX Tracker from WebSideStory, which tracks 28 million unique visitors and more than 86,000 Web sites.

Top non-U.S. domains used to connect to the Internet were accessed through the following countries and percentages of use:

1. Japan 23.60 percent
2. Germany 15.47 percent
3. UK 6.64 percent
4. Canada 4.96 percent
5. Australia 4.17 percent
6. Italy 4.09 percent
7. Sweden 3.81 percent
8. France 3.79 percent
9. Netherlands 3.29 percent
10. Switzerland 1.49 percent

StatMarket also noted that America Online and other non-country-code-specific ISPs moving into global markets affects the representation of foreign domains.