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Teenager Rolls Out New E-mail Service

Cheers and Tears Custom Designs Friday launched a new division for a free e-mail forwarding service, MyEZmail.com, developed by the unit's 14-year-old Chief Executive Officer Cameron Johnson. And this isn't even his first online business.

MyEZmail forwards all e-mail sent to the user's @myeasymail.com account to a second e-mail address without the sender's knowledge. The sender will not know the e-mail's final destination. The fact that the user's real e-mail address isn't revealed also keeps someone from looking up other personal information through an e-mail directory.

Since the service works with existing POP e-mail accounts, users don't need to visit a Web site to check their e-mail. The cost of the service is covered by sponsors.

"I am pleased to be a part of MyEZmail and its growing success," said Johnson. "I see MyEZmail.com as a turning point in Internet security for all Internet users."