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Transparent Language Rolls Out FreeTranslation.com

Transparent Language Inc. Monday launched FreeTranslation.com, a free Web site which offers translation services from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese, as well as to English from Spanish, French and German.

Users can obtain content summaries of text or Web pages within seconds, according to the company. FreeTranslation.com delivers the service using the TranscendRT natural language translation engine.

"FreeTranslation.com is unique in that it offers every Internet user an opportunity to use our $20 million language translation technology for free," said Michael Quinlan, founder and president of Transparent Language, Inc. "It opens up a whole new world of communication for Internet users seeking to understand the "gist" of foreign language web pages, e-mail and plain text."

FreeTranslation.com uses the TranscendRT natural language translation engine, which currently translates the six languages available on FreeTranslation.com. Instead of using word-replacement technologies, TranscendRT analyzes the text according to the language's basic usage rules, including those on sentence structure, parts of speech, and ambiguity resolution. However, the product delivers language that conveys the gist of the meaning, not an exact translation.

Transparent Language Inc., develops computer-aided language learning, reference and translation products.