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OASIS Forms Technical Advisory Board

OASIS got a facelift Thursday, as a new Technical Advisory Board was brought online to provide guidance on issues facing the XML interoperability consortium, including strategy, process, interoperability and scope of its technical work.

The advisory board consists of both elected and appointed industry experts, charged with identifying opportunities for standardization within OASIS.

The members of the board include Derek Coleman of HP, Angel Diaz of IBM, Chet Ensign of Lexis/Nexis, Eduardo Gutentag of Sun Microsystems, Jackson He of Intel, Sanjay Patil of IONA, Krishna Sankar of Cisco, and Heinz Ulrich Roggenkemper of SAP. Christopher Kurt of Microsoft will represent the OASIS Board of Directors, while Karl Best of OASIS will represent the consortium's staff.

"OASIS remains committed to its membership-driven Technical Committee process, and our group will act as its steward," said Gutentag, who serves as chair of the Technical Advisory Board. "We will advise the Board of Directors on the OASIS technical agenda and on interoperability and alignment issues, and encourage the formation of joint committees to address those issues. We will seek convergence and the elimination of barriers to interoperability, and help coordinate OASIS work with that of other standards-setting bodies."

In related news, the consortium has elected four members to its Board of Directors. Colin Evans, director of Distributed Systems in Intel Research and Development, is the new chairman of the board. He is joined by Edward Cobb of BEA Systems, Patrick Gannon of OASIS, and Laura Walker of the Federal Reserve System. They will join the current board members, who include Jim Hughes of Hewlett-Packard, Christopher Kurt of Microsoft, Simon Nicholson of Sun Microsystems, and Michael Weiner of IBM. Each director serves two-year terms.

The board is charged with providing business leadership for the consortium.

"OASIS is providing a growing, flexible, destination for industry technology cooperation," Evans said. "I am delighted to see such a strong set of industry experts on both the Board of Directors and the Technical Advisory Board who can continue to extend OASIS leadership."