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PlusNet Launches Portal and Five New Products

PlusNet, the Sheffield-based subsidiary of the U.S. company Insight Enterprises, has launched a new portal under the F9 consumer brand, while also releasing five new Internet services aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses.

The new portal features live news from the Press Association, together with other information that may be customised by the user.

The new products are Net Start low-cost access via ISDN; Net Web site development service; Net Pro routed Internet connectivity solution; Net Solution plug-and-play connectivity package; and Net Complete, a fast path to the Internet over a leased line.

"We believe that these products and services are superior to what is currently available to businesses in the UK, and that gives us a clear advantage against our competitors," said Paul Cusack, PlusNet's managing director.

"The launch of these new products and services also ties nicely with the development of our 'e-commerce community', where PlusNet's business customers will be able to trade with PlusNet's residential customers through our portal."

Apart from its business products, PlusNet offers two types of Internet service for consumers. Free-Online is a free service that has no subscription charge, while F9 Premier has added features including limited 0800 Freephone Internet access for £9.99 ($16) a month.

"We're encouraged by the fact that the total number of our subscriber accounts has doubled to 200,000 since February, despite the ever-increasing competition for customers through subscription free services," added Cusack.