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SportsLine Europe Acquires Infosis Sport

Global sports media company SportsLine announced Tuesday that its subsidiary SportsLine Europe has acquired the sports division of Infosis Group for £1.5 million ($2.4 million) in cash.

Infosis Sport supplies sports information to media companies in the UK and Europe, including online news and data. One of its customers over the past year has been the SportsLine Worldwide site.

"The acquisition of Infosis Sport provides ownership of the most in-depth, comprehensive and timely scores and statistics throughout the U.K. and Europe, allowing SportsLine Europe a distinct competitive advantage," said Michael Levy, president and CEO of SportsLine USA and chairman of SportsLine Europe.

"Infosis Sport has already established itself as a market leader with an existing client base, making it a valuable asset for SportsLine Europe," he added.

Infosis Sport has a respectable share of the UK market for the provision of real-time scores, statistics, match reports and features. Founded in 1993, it runs a team of correspondents in the UK and Europe.

SportsLine Europe says it will continue to provide other European media with sports content, even though it plans to launch a new Web site called UK SportsLine later this summer.