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New UK ISP Pays Users to Surf

UK Internet service provider 4theNet is launching a scheme on July 4 that pays users to surf the Internet.

It awards credits for every minute that users spend online -- and at the end of three months it writes out the cheques and mails them.

The "Paid as you Surf" (PAYS) scheme is expected to capture a significant proportion of the 50,000 new users signing up for Internet access each week in the UK. Many of these new users have been going to Freeserve and other free access providers.

"We are simply giving some of the revenue we earn, back to our customers," said 4theNet's managing director Kevin McGarahan. "Not so long ago everyone had to pay to access the Internet but PAYS has turned the whole thing full circle by not only offering a free service but also giving a revenue share to those who are using it."

4theNet's target is 100,000 users within a month of launching the scheme.

"Our PAYS scheme is completely unique in the ISP marketplace and its a Net recipe that has never been on show before," added McGarahan. "There are no red herrings or false promises from us, simply a demonstration that we aim to revolutionise the ISP market, a revolution that everyone can be a part of."

As well as Paid as you Surf, 4theNet offers other services in the UK including Virtual Internet Service Provision (VISP) for Web site owners that want to be ISPs.