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Post Office Expands Web Services

The U.S. Postal Service is adding two new features to its recently redesigned Web site: a hold mail service and a redelivery service. After going to www.USPS.com, users can request the Post Office to hold mail for up to 30 days or can reschedule the delivery of a package.

The newly resigned site, featuring a fresh look and new content, lets users find information faster and conduct transactions faster, according to the USPS. The site also is designed to offer and sell products to customers they may not have originally considered such as direct mail campaign help or sending and receiving money through the USPS. There are also links to news and information about the USPS.

According to the USPS, more than 12 million people a month use the site with the most popular services being zip code lookup, tracking and confirming delivery of packages and other mail, and domestic and international rate calculators.

During the last five months of 2002, almost 300,000 consumer transactions were made online at the USPS site resulting in approximately $20 million in sales.