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Technical Analysis: Consolidating At The Lows

The Nasdaq (first chart below) is still clinging to critical support at 1320. 1300 is first support below that, and then 1263-1273. 1332-1335 is resistance. The Dow and S&P (second and third charts) have gone nowhere while stochastics have moved back to the midrange; this consolidation at the lows to relieve oversold conditions is a good hint that the market has more downside ahead. Critical support is 7902.60 and 7850, and critical resistance is 8200-8250. The S&P has critical support at 839.50, and 865 and 875 are critical resistance. Finally, before you get too excited about today's very high equity-only put-call ratio reading, the bulk of those puts appears to have been a very complex trade executed by one large player. Without those 230,000 puts, the ratio appears to have come in at a very bearish 0.40.

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