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Study: Site Needs 'Stickiness'? Use 'Corporate Glue'

Enterprise systems on the Web should make sure their corporate 'glue' is strong if they want their project to hold together, a recent study said.

The Concours Group research project entitled, "Project ESII: Capitalizing on Enterprise Systems and Infrastructure," indicated that too many enterprise systems projects have failed to attain their business goals, or failed to reach completion, because of a lack of managerial, organizational and technical cohesiveness.

It found that precise implementation goals, corporation-wide consensus on business purpose, and incorporation of Web-based technology can help enterprise systems become the integrated infrastructure that companies seek.

The research is a continuation of a 1998 enterprise systems research project. Project ESII studied ten of the nation's largest companies to determine a blueprint for successful business use of enterprise systems.

The Concours Group identified methods to increase enterprise systems integration:

  • Specify desired business outcomes and create an explicit project roadmap as a way to engage more senior management participation.
  • Business models must be designed in conjunction with the chosen enterprise system package and must be consistent with the system's capabilities.
  • Educate the management team so that they can understand business differently, think differently and apply integrated systems differently.
  • Plan for IT organizational transformation by aligning the business and IT functions around a common view of the business model.
  • Assess the level of organizational maturity and adjust systems goals and implementation tactics accordingly - with an eye to maximizing business value.