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SportsLine Snatches Football Back From Daily Mail

SportsLine Europe will not renew its affiliation with the Daily Mail, having supplied most of the content for the Mail's SoccerNet over the past two years.

The majority-owned subsidiary of SportsLine USA, announced Thursday that it plans to create the "world's most comprehensive soccer site" and run it independently as part of its network of European sports sites.

"Combining the real-time scoring of Infosis Sport, the editorial content of SportsWeb and SportsLine's own unique features will enable us to create an unmatched site," said Tom Jessiman, managing director of SportsLine Europe.

"With our learning experience from producing a top-notch soccer site, we have already generated the most soccer revenue of any Internet company through advertising, fantasy and e-commerce. SportsLine Europe's new fully-owned soccer site will be a fan favourite in Europe."

The move will come as a blow to the Daily Mail, which has been been one of the pioneers of Internet-related business in the UK, with such sites as the UKPlus directory. The new SportLine football site will launch in early August in time for the coming season and will include expanded soccer coverage throughout Europe.

In May this year, SportsLine Europe acquired SportsWeb, a leading European sports site, from Reuters. More recently, it purchased Infosis Sport, a provider of real-time scores, statistics, match reports and features.