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Sina.com Flexes Muscles With 2.82 Million Daily Page Views

As China.com soared on the Nasdaq yesterday, Sina.com Wednesday announced that it's mainland China portal recorded average daily pageviews of 2.82 million last month in a third party audit by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

Sina.com representatives said that this is more than 50 percent of the global average daily page views of its network and established Sina.com as the first Web site in China to surpass 1 million page views based on an independent audit.

"We are pleased to see CNNIC's independent validation of Sina.com's position as the number one Internet destination site in China," said Zhidong Wang, president of Sina.com."We believe that providing third party audits will help to regulate the whole Chinese Internet industry for everyone's benefits. "

CNNIC calculated the traffic on Sina.com.cn during the week of June 11 to June 17 using auditing software WebTrend. The audit determined Sina.com.cn page views totaled 19,789,950 and averaged 2,827,128 daily.

"Since the China-based site of our network launched last December, we have been tracking our traffic with WebTrend, the same software used by CNNIC," commented Wang. "The difference between our internal record and the report from CNNIC is about three percent."

According to Sina.com figures, traffic on the China-based site has grown 165 percent within the last six months.

Sina also operates portals for the Taiwan and overseas Chinese markets, Sina.com.tw and Sina.com respectively.

Sina.com is regarded as a China market leader along with other prominent portals, Sohu.com and Netease.com. All three are planning to follow China.com on to the Nasdaq within the next year and, according to several surveys, all three outperform China.com in the mainland China space.

Sina.com has a solid pedigree of financial backers that include Walden International Investment Group, Goldman Sachs, Flatiron Partners, Crystal Internet, Robertson Stevens, Chase Capital Partners and the Economic Development Bank of Singapore.