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AOL Wins June Popularity Contest

According to the latest report from Media Metrix, America Online lead the list of most popular Web properties in June.

Not surprisingly, portals led the list of top sites last month. In addition to AOL, others leading the list included Yahoo!, Microsoft, Excite and Lycos.

About.com won kudos as the fastest rising Web property with a 35 percent increase in traffic, propelling the network to the top 20. About.com, formerly Miningco.com, took its new name on May 17.

The rankings include home and work access. Here's a snippet of the Top 50 properties and sites in June:

Rank Digital Media/Web Property Unique Visitors
1 AOL Network 47,197
2 Yahoo Sites 37,093
3 Microsoft Sites 32,883
4 Lycos 29,963
5 Go Network 20,793
6 Excite Network 17,122
7 Time Warner Online 12,337
8 Amazon 12,172
9 Go2Net Network 10,168
10 AltaVista 9,904

Rank Digital Media/Web Site Unique Visitors
1 yahoo.com 32,853
2 aol.com 29,889
3 msn.com 22,852
4 netscape.com 19,320
5 geocities.com 19,145
6 go.com 19,064
7 microsoft.com 15,932
8 excite.com 15,425
9 lycos.com 14,568
10 angelfire.com 13,193

Definitions: A Web property is one that offers more than one site. Unique visitors is the number of total users who visited the site in the past month. All unique visitors are counted once and are in thousands.

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