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UK Financial Information Provider Launches Free ISP

Hemmington Scott, one of the leading UK providers of investment and financial information on the Internet, has launched free Internet access.

The new service, complete with a business portal branded "hemscott.net Business," will make Hemmington Scott practically the only major content provider with its own ISP. Connectivity and management of the ISP will be supplied by UUNET, part of MCI WorldCom.

The entry of Hemmington Scott into the free ISP market may give other suppliers pause for thought -- as every customer will also be given immediate access to thousands of pounds worth of free information.

Previously, this information, which includes broker forecasts, financial data on all 2300 UK listed and AIM companies, director information, etc., was available only by subscription.

"We are ready to meet the challenges of the new information age," said Peter Scott, chairman of Hemmington Scott. "We were the first to put up company information on the Internet in 1995, and are continuing to play to our strengths by becoming the first major content owner to become an ISP.

"By giving away literally thousands of pounds worth of information absolutely free, and providing free Internet access, we are showing our commitment to delivering real value to our ISP customers, both at home and in the office. We aim to become the UK business user's first point of reference for information on the Web."

Customers of hemscott.net will be able to access the Internet at fast dial-up speeds (up to 56 kbps and ISDN). They will receive 5 mailboxes, 20MB of free Web space, and facilities for picking up e-mail from anywhere in the world via the Web.

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