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PSINet Buys Two ISPs in Spain

Furthering its plans to take on the global ISP market, PSINet Inc. Monday acquired two ISPs in Spain, Intercomputer and ABAFoRUM.

Intercomputer develops electronic banking solutions as well as offering corporate Internet access, Web hosting and security services. ABAFoRUM, headquartered in Barcelona, provides Internet connectivity. ABAFoRUM is Spain's third largest corporate ISP.

Following in suite with PSINet's plans to rank in the top five ISP listings in the 20 largest international markets, the purchases effectively make PSINet as the second largest ISP in Spain. According to PSINet, Spain is the 11th largest telecommunications market.

"These acquisitions move us closer toward that goal, firmly establishing our presence in eight of the nine leading European markets," said Harry Hobbs, president of PSINet Europe.

"Spain is also one of the most advanced markets in the world for e-commerce banking solutions, and Intercomputer is the leader in this market. We are delighted to add its expertise."

The PSINet network boasts more than 535 POPs serving primary markets around the world.