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Cybersurf Lands Investment Prior to Free Access Launch

Cybersurf Wednesday received $5 million in cash from Call-Net Enterprises Inc. and has begun preparations for the Toronto launch of its free Internet access and e-mail service 3web Network.

Call-Net will add another $7 million in network services when 3web launches in Toronto this fall.

Cybersurf is expanding the 3web hardware infrastructure and will begin replication of 3web's free installation CD-ROM. The software will also become available online after the launch.

3web is a portal with e-mail and e-commerce features available free to users and operates independently of a browser.

Cybersurf's client ads target demographically-specific users and is always visible to subscribers.

Cybersurf has pre-sold 3web advertising to clients, including IBM, Indigo Music, Books & Cafe and most recently the Dairy Bureau of Canada.