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Microsoft Backs Web Music Lobby Group

The Australian Digital Music Association (ADMA) has initiated its launch of programs for the development, protection of rights and promotion of e-commerce in music over the Internet.

The organisation, formed by Microsoft and online music retailer and digital download supplier ChaosMusic, will bring together recording companies, online music retailers, and artists using the Internet to produce, promote & sell their creations.

Music publishers, streaming audio & digital download companies, and digital music and pro-audio hardware & software suppliers are also taking part in the activities.

"Our rapidly growing sector of the new music industry needs an organisation that can represent our interests," said Victoria Doidge, ChaosMusic's principal.

ADMA will liaise with other trade associations or collective societies in music & video to lobby government over rights issues and development initiatives.

Doidge said the organisation will welcome the input of major and independent record companies as well as all other music rights holders and music creators.

"ADMA should be an open inclusionist organisation -- striving to bring together the diverse, emerging and innovative aspects of this new industry in Australia," she concluded.

The Association will hold a preliminary meeting in Sydney on August 7, with more formal meetings expected in Melbourne and Sydney in September. A Web site for ADMA will be established shortly.