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Surveys: Job Seekers Like Net But Can't Find Dream Job

Australians may be turning to the Internet to look for a job, but half of them may not find what they're looking for, according to research from two different Australian online recruitment providers.

Top Jobs on the Net released its own report at the Internet World 99 conference in Sydney last week, saying that half of the respondents to its survey cannot find a job to match their experience and needs.

Later in the week, a survey commissioned from local research firm APT Strategies by Seek Communications found that 23 percent of Australian Internet users will "probably or definitely" apply for a job online in the next six months.

It was not clear whether the two surveys considered together were an indication of the failure of the Internet to deliver a different result to traditional print-based classified advertisements, or that the disillusionment was driving adoption of the Net, but the online recruitment companies wasted no time in pushing the latter option.

"We are amazed that such highly skilled, highly sought-after professionals have difficulties finding the right job -- especially since the market for these individuals is set to continue its pace of growth," said Graham Sharp Paul, managing director of Top Jobs on the Net.

Paul Bassat, CEO of Seek, said the pendulum had clearly away from traditional old media forms of finding a job.

"The APT Strategies survey result is another indication of the growing popularity of the Internet as a job-seeking tool," he said.