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BT Says "Watch the E-clipse" On Wednesday

For those who will not be travelling to Cornwall to see the total eclipse of the sun on Wednesday, BT suggests tuning into its Internet services to see the whole event safely on your desktop.

Calling it a "solar e-clipse," BT is providing live pictures from the centre of totality over Cornwall on August 11 via links on its btclick.com and BT Internet services.

If cloud obscures the sun and moon, BT has made arrangements with the RAF to send pictures back from a Hercules aeroplane. Even people in Cornwall may find this is the only way of seeing the eclipse on a dull day.

"Live video streaming of the e-clipse, a once in a lifetime phenomenon, demonstrates just how much the Internet is capable of benefiting society," said John Swingewood, director, BT Internet & Multimedia Services.

"Some experts have suggested that the safest way to watch the e-clipse is on a television rather with the naked eye -- clearly the Internet can offer even more by enabling people to see the e-clipse as it happens and access related information at the same time. We can't wait!"

To cap it all, BT will also stream a live commentary, having teamed up with local radio station Pirate FM, the so-called "official radio station of the e-clipse."

Surely Pirate FM deserves some kind of award for proving the commercial viability of putting a solar eclipse on the radio?