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Chello Signs Agreement With French Cable Company

Europe's top broadband ISP chello broadband has signed an agreement with a French cable partner to extend its reach into 1.7 million homes.

As a result of the agreement, cable partner InterComm will offer chello's "always-on" broadband service to subscribers in the Paris area and the south of France. The service is expected to start before the end of the year.

"From November onwards, InterComm subscribers will be able to enjoy the maximum Internet experience of chello," said Gerard Le Febvre, CEO of InterComm.

"The chello service offers exceptional value for InterComm's subscribers: not only is it available at speeds which are significantly faster than ISDN and dial-up, but its content is also highly relevant to our customers and will be delivered in French."

InterComm's subscribers will pay a flat fee of around 300 French francs a month (£32, or $51), for a service that includes news, search, sport, entertainment, shopping, finance channels, web-mail and community services. The price includes the modem.

Chello now reaches Netherlands, Norway, France, Belgium and Austria, and claims to be the fastest growing broadband supplier in Europe. It is an operating company of United Pan-Europe Communications (UPC), is headquartered in Amsterdam, and has offices in many European cities including London.

Chello's agreement with InterComm is its first with a non-UPC cable partner in France.