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Netscape Online Begins Pre-Registration

In response to demand for the new service, AOL Europe has opened a pre-registration Web site for its forthcoming Internet service Netscape Online.

"We're excited about the overwhelming response to the announcement of Netscape Online, which we believe demonstrates not only the power of the pioneering Netscape brands but users' recognition of AOL Europe's commitment to quality, reliability and customer service," said Karen Thompson, the recently appointed managing director of AOL UK.

"The pre-registration site we are setting up to accommodate the tremendous demand is in keeping with that commitment," she added.

Netscape Online is being aimed at what AOL Europe says is an emerging "value segment" of Internet users who are capable of using the Internet without the hand-holding which is traditionally offered by family-oriented online services.

First announced in July, Netscape Online will be a subscription free service for users and will be built around the Netscape Navigator browser and AOL Instant Messenger 2.0.

AOL Europe also announced that pre-registration is being made available via a free customer service number: 0800 923 0009.