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World's First Online Knowledge Auction

Demand Ventures has announced that it will unveil its Knowledge Exchange Auction Knexa.com on September 1.

The new site will be the world's first to combine online auctions with the globally emerging demand for electronic knowledge exchange.

"The world is racing to the Internet in a quest for free knowledge, but is instead finding itself drowning in a sea of information and waves of data," said Demand Ventures president David Brett. "Navigating through this sea requires significant investments of time and energy. Internet users are finding that there is a price to pay for useful knowledge."

Demand Ventures has developed an auction and delivery process through which portions of a person's or a business' knowledge can be valued through market driven forces and then sold. Buyers and sellers will exchange downloadable knowledge items priced through Knexa.com's proprietary bidding formula.

The technology behind the site will also facilitate multilingual content enabling international e-commerce.

"The power of this online exchange is its ability to both unlock and set a value to the large reserves of everyday experiential knowledge" said Pasquale Sasso, Demand Ventures VP Corporate Development.

Work on Knexa.com commenced over four months ago. Demand Ventures is a public company (VSE:DVD) engaged in the development of unique online auctions.