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Student Pages Launches Virtual Freshers Fair

Student Pages, the Web publication of Student Marketing, has launched a Virtual Freshers Fair for the benefit of students who have just received their 'A'-Level results.

The Virtual Freshers Fair is just like a real freshers fair, say its creators. It consists of an online "room," full of stalls that represent various companies which have something to offer students.

To use the site, students simply click on each stall to see all the services, offers and giveaways of that particular company.

One of the exhibitors at the Virtual Freshers Fair is the UK's Royal Bank of Scotland.

"The Royal Bank is one of the pioneers of Internet banking in the UK and we also know that many students already use the Web for research, shopping and information. So we are delighted to be one of the first companies to appear at this virtual fair," commented Royal Bank's product development manager Andrea Aitken.

Other companies on the Virtual Freshers Fair include book publisher Icon, student travel specialists Travel Cuts and insurance companies Saxon Direct and Harrison Beaumont.

According to research by Student Marketing, half the students in the UK have their own personal computer, while all of them have free access to the Internet at university. The Dearing Report on Higher Education recommended that all students should have their own portable computer by 2005/06.