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UK Government Is "On Course" to Be Millennium-Ready

In a letter to Members of Parliament, Paddy Tipping MP, Parliamentary Secretary at the Privy Council Office, acknowledged that the UK Government had made good progress in beating the Millennium Bug internally.

However, in his letter -- which is also available from the Year 2000 Web site, Tipping warned against any complacency.

"I am pleased to say that the Government remains on course to be millennium-ready in good time," he said. "In nearly every department and agency correction work has been completed and as soon as the systems have been fully tested they are signed off as ready.

"I am also pleased to report that those departments who reported earlier that they would not be able to complete their programmes until the last quarter of the year, are keeping to their project plans.

"I am, however, concerned that three departments report for the first time that their business critical systems will not be ready until September or October. In all these cases I have written to the appropriate Secretary of State, asking them to monitor progress carefully and ensure that any necessary remedial action is taken."

The departments in question are Companies House, The Employment Tribunal Service and The Northern Ireland Office. All three have reported minor delays that should be resolved fairly quickly.

The UK is widely acknowledged as being a leader in tackling Year 2000 issues. The Government publishes details on a monthly basis about its own progress in fighting the Millennium Bug, while making available information for companies via an actionline (0845 601 2000) and web site www.bug2000.co.uk .