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Berlin Journalists Form Online Network

Cybernet Internet Services AG this week got together with the Berlin Media Club to link the city's 6,000 correspondents, editors and other journalists on the Web.

In addition to training, an intranet between BMC and the representatives of the press has been proposed.

Cooperation between these organizations will strengthen Berlin as a media and high-tech focus location, the groups said. Leading politicians, including Berlin's Mayor, Eberhard Diepgen, have greeted the development with enthusiasm. Collaboration between Cybernet and BMC will have, as its primary function, linking the press corps from Bonn and Berlin via the Internet. Options like Internet research and electronic archiving are on offer and all BMC members have their own e-mail addresses.

Berlin's Media Club is an international meeting point for the media. It provides a location for activities on several fronts, including business, politics and the arts, The center is at the heart of Berlin's cultural and media world, where members of the national, regional and foreign press corps can find out what's really going on. Its also a place where journalists can meet with German politicians and representatives of more than 1,600 associations, foundations, parties, advertising agencies etc.

Cybernet AG is a provider of modular electronic business systems and a specialist in tele-working applications, virtual private networks and outsourcing. The official opening party for the new center will be held with representatives of the press, politics and business in September this year.