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Spain's Ol� Announces Free E-Mail

The Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world's largest Web portal has announced a free Web-based e-mail service called OléMail.

The new service from Telefónica Interactiva's "Olé!" portal is the result of a contract with Sun-Netscape Alliance, and will use the latter's technology.

According to Telefónica Interactiva, "OléMail can be checked from any computer in the world and allows for as many e-mail accounts as desired. The initiative allows for link exchanges between the !Oli! portal and that of Netscape Netcenter, with its more than 15 million subscribers.

"This way both portals will increase the number of visitors they receive." Each e-mail account offers a capacity of 5 MB capacity and all addresses will end with the "highly demanded. . .@ole.com." Individual Web surfers can sign up for as many e-mail addresses as they like.

In addition to automatically generated "out of office" e-mail responses, the service includes the option of incorporating into e-mail visitation cards with the the personal or professional data of the client's choice.

Though Olé offers content in Spanish regional languages like Basque, Catalan, and Galician, the OliMail service is currently available only in Spanish and Portuguese.

From its start in a Barcelona garage in 1996, "Olé" grew to become Europe's second most-visited site and the the largest Spanish-language portal.

Telefonica Interactiva (part of the Grupo Telefonica) joined Grupo Olé in March to make the service the world's leading provider of Spanish and Portuguese-language content.

Ole's revenues are expected to reach $6.1 million in 1999.