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Czech Portal Atlas Integrated Map Search into Microsoft Outlook

Czech users of Microsoft Outlook can now look up the geographical locations of contacts directly in the map, thanks to an effort by Atlas.cz, a. s., which runs the portal site Atlas.

Czech Republic is one of the first countries outside the U. S. where such an interconnection is enabled. Since August 19, Atlas.cz has offered free of charge integration of Contacts database in Microsoft Outlook with on-line map management system mapy.atlas.cz.

Once the software is installed, users can view the map location of any business or home address in the Czech Republic. The system contains detailed maps of 138 cities. An English language interface is also available.

Users can print the map or save it as image, and are also able to edit, annotate, and e-mail the maps.

"Integration of Microsoft Outlook with our maps is wonderful and practical tool for our users," said Ms. Jana Koutova, spokesperson for Atlas.cz, a. s. She added that the company is committed to offer the broadest available spectrum of products and services related to the Republic.

Atlas expects to rely on high popularity of Microsoft Office among Czech businesses in order to grow traffic to its site. Microsoft was not required to bring any cash to the table for this deal.

Atlas is one of few portal sites in the Czech Republic. Its principal competitor is Seznam ("the List"), a Yahoo!-like site which is older records more page views than Atlas.