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OzEmail Wiggles Towards the Offline Masses

After all the talk of censorship on the Internet, the major ISPs had to think of something to win back public confidence.

In the latest move to win over the vast majority of family homes with no Net access, OzEmail Internet has joined forces with the Australian childrens' entertainment group, The Wiggles.

Through a six-month sponsorship deal of The Wiggly Big Show, OzEmail's consumer division and The Wiggles will jointly target the 81 per cent of Australian households not yet connected to the Internet.

"While there may not be too many four year olds with OzEmail accounts, most parents understand that the Net is a vital part of their childrens' education," said Justin Milne, OzEmail's consumer division general manager. "Today's generation is far more technologically sophisticated than ten years ago and the Net is now required more than an option."

"The Internet is now a must-have part of every child's education resource kit. OzEmail wants to help parents and their children feel comfortable with this powerful technology," Milne said.

The announcement of The Wiggles sponsorship deal follows closely on OzEmail's release of new Internet access pricing aimed at the millions of Australian homes not yet connected to the Internet.

Under the sponsorship agreement, OzEmail will be presenting The Wiggly Big Show across more than 17 locations in Australia during November and December this year.