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Coexis Makes Web the Centre of Its Business Strategy

Coexis, a UK developer of software for the international capital markets industry, is making the Internet the centre of its business strategy.

The company has launched two Web sites devised by Internet consultancy E-Marketing targeted at potential customers and software development partners.

The two sites are Coexis and Syn~, the latter being the name of the company's component-based framework for creating enterprise-strength, distributed transaction processing applications.

On the corporate site, Coexis sets out details of its vision and strategy, and gives detailed information about its operations. On the product site are full details about the flexible Syn~ framework and its functionality.

"E-Marketing has helped us crystallise our vision of using the Internet to serve our customers and partners at all stages of these relationships," said Andy Moorley, partner programme manager at Coexis.

"Initially this will focus on communication, but we will combine the unique change management facilities contained within Syn~ with the power of the Internet medium to effortlessly deliver online enhancements and upgrades into existing highly tailored Syn~ business solutions."

In the next phase of Coexis' Internet strategy, there will be interactive marketing and support, while a third stage will see facilities for the online distribution of products and software upgrades.

"The development plans for this site are extremely innovative as they will enable Coexis to service its clients online as its business expands," said Paul Griffith, commercial director at E-Marketing.

Coexis has provided IT solutions to businesses in the international capital markets industry for over two decades.