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Australia's Hotmail Adds Fax and Voicemail

Australian Internet portal ninemsn has announced an alliance with Internet-based messaging service JFAX, that will allow Hotmail users to access faxes and voicemail.

With the new service, Hotmail users will be able to send and receive faxes and voicemail from anywhere in the world via their e-mail address. The solution has been developed to cater for mobile Hotmail users so that they can access a variety of services from one point.

The new capabilities are part of ninemsn's strategy to add greater value to its Hotmail service. ninemsn, which is a joint venture between Microsoft and Australian publishing company Publishing and Broadcasting Limited, has offered Hotmail among its services since Microsoft purchased the Web-based e-mail provider at the beginning of the year.

Alex Koszo, managing director of Australian JFAX distributor e.COM Global, suggested that this alliance would be the first of several moves to provide value-added services to ninemsn.

"We are looking forward to working closely with ninemsn to develop tailored communication offerings to meet the specific requirements of ninemsn's users," he said.