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Audio Book Club Signs Another Marketing Deal

A day after closing co-marketing deals with go2net and AudioNet, Boca Raton, FL-based Audio Book Club entered into a strategic alliance with CitySearch.com to become the exclusive retailer of audio books there.

The one-year deal with a one-year renewal option includes the exclusive sponsorship of the Book Area within the Arts & Entertainment area of every CitySearch.com domestic market. Financial details were not disclosed.

Audio Book Club will receive ownership of all banner inventory in the Books Area of every domestic market, and heavy targeting within the Arts & Entertainment area in every market.

The company will also have the opportunity to run special promotions during the campaign, marketwide banner impressions, the ability to initialize audio clips to promote audio books, and a feature promotion of the Audio Book Club sponsorship on each market's home page during the first month of the campaign.

Pasadena, CA-based CitySearch.com will also provide links and banner advertisements for the Audio Book Club Content Area, where the company will be able to feature new promotions and product releases, in addition to providing links to its home page.

CitySearch is up and running in Austin, Nashville, New York, Pasadena, Portland, Raleigh-Durham/Chapel Hill, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Melbourne/Sydney and Toronto, and will soon launch in Los Angeles and Scandinavia.