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Top European Firms Demonstrate "IP Anywhere"

The Fantastic Corp. has joined with Deutsche Telekom, Nokia and ZDF to demonstrate 'multimedia over the air.'

The DVB@air Project sets out to prove that multimedia data can be sent wirelessly to portable devices.

For the project, The Fantastic Corp. has created a light version of its MediaSurfer client software which resides on the Nokia portable multimedia device. ZDF, Germany's second largest broadcast network, provides content and broadcasts it via Deutsche Telekom's Digital Terrestrial infrastructure.

"IP Anywhere means that it is possible to send multimedia data over any high-speed network to any device," said Peter Pircher, chief technology officer for The Fantastic Corp.

"Going to any device expands the potential base of end-users for content providers to send relevant, multimedia content," he added.

The Fantastic demonstrations can be seen at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA '99) conference in Berlin, Germany, (August 28 - Sept 5).

Fantastic's solutions enable the provision of TV-quality content over broadband. The company maintains a London office and is working in partnership with British Telecom on broadband multimedia projects.