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RSA, CableLabs Sign Security Pact

RSA Data Security, Inc. announced an agreement with Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. (CableLabs) to secure emerging digital cable networks, including entertainment, data, and telephony services.

RSA's public key encryption technology will be used to secure the MCNS Removable/Renewable Security System which was developed by the Multimedia Cable Network System Holdings (MCNS), a partnership of TCI, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications and Comcast.

The MCNS Removable/Renewable Security System is designed to protect entertainment, voice, and data services from instances of theft-of-service, denial-of-service attacks, and to ensure the privacy of cable customers.

RSA said its technology will provide secure authentication and communication between components of the digital cable network including set-top boxes, cable modems, and video servers located in subscriber homes, cable operator sites, and content provider locations.

Under the agreement, CableLabs will distribute and sublicense the RSA security component object code necessary to deploy RSA's public key and symmetric cryptography in network products.

RSA noted that today's announcement marks a significant expansion of its public key and symmetric cryptography technology outside the company's traditional Internet and intranet markets.

The company also reported it is looking at using RSA technology to securely authenticate transactions between individuals and companies conducting electronic commerce over digital cable networks.