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SHO Search Engine Unveils Version 2.0

3 Potato 4, Inc. Thursday released the latest version of its online search tool, SHO.

SHO is designed to allow users to search, sort, and compare the results found from multiple search engines on single screen. According to 3 Potato 4 co-founder Brad Stone, "SHO simultaneously searches multiple sites and delivers specific Web results that can be rapidly organized and compared."

The SHO search engine is built on plug-in architecture -- developers can create additional SHO plug-ins for virtually any site on the net that offers a "search" box. Many plug-ins already exist for the most popular sites; and the SHO Web site offers a developers kit for those who may wish to create additional plug-ins, the company said.

The search engine is available from the company's Web site as shareware. After a 15 day trial period, users are expected to register the software for $29.95.