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IBM Unveils "Intelligent" E-Business Solutions

IBM introduced today a series of business intelligence (BI) products and services including data gathering, management, and analyses tools designed to help companies effectively conduct "e-business."

The BI initiative comprises new solutions tailored to meet specific industry needs, such as tools for the finance market or the banking industry; data analysis and management products for compiling and researching a corporation's internal database as well as Web content; consulting services; database products; and new BI-enabled servers.

IBM also reported a number of marketing and development agreements with third-party vendors including Cognos, Vality, and Business Objects. These alliances are designed to provide additional support for BI products and services.

"As businesses try to differentiate themselves in a more competitive e-business environment, they are relying on business intelligence as the nucleus of an integrated customer relationship management program," said Ben Barnes, general manager, IBM Global Business Intelligence Solutions.

"The new integrated IBM business intelligence portfolio will enable companies to assess the risk of losing a customer; classify customers with seemingly unrelated characteristics into market segments-of-one; predict future demand by discovering product and service affinities; and manage marketing campaigns based on that knowledge."

For more information on the BI initiative, visit IBM's Business Intelligence Web site.