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AOL UK Launches Kids-Only Accounts

AOL UK this week became the first ISP in the UK to offer children their own "Kids Only" Internet accounts within a customised surfing environment.

Aimed at children from age 2 (yes, AOL gets them surfing at just two years old) to 12, the accounts provides a safe online experience, with easy-to-use parental controls. No special software is needed.

"Kids Only is like a walled garden with all the excitement of an adventure playground -- so kids can still explore the Internet, but without the risks of unfiltered access," said Alan Griffin, group editor for the Kids Channel.

The content available to children using the Kids Only accounts is extensive, including information about TV, films, music, sports, games, and competitions. Ask-A-Teacher enables kids to send emails to qualified teachers and receive replies within 24 hours.

There are specially hosted chat rooms and message boards where users can congregate, plus an email system, and Web searching via Kids' AOL Netfind, AOL's dedicated kid-friendly search engine.

"We know that over 65 per cent of all AOL UK households have children, so the demand for kid-specific content and features is significant," said Alan Griffin.

"By attracting the best content partners and developing the most sophisticated tools we have created a service that is attractive and fun for kids and reassuring for parents."