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Demand Ventures Previews Knowledge Auction Site

Demand Ventures (VSE: DVD) has now unveiled a preview of their online knowledge auction, www.knexa.com.

"Knexa.com will provide a new and powerful way for authors of all descriptions to market their knowledge," said Demand president and Knexa.com originator David Brett. "From research reports to accounts of personal experience, Knexa.com authors will keep the lion's share of what the market is willing to pay for their online offerings."

Knexa.com sellers will submit documents for sale through a user-friendly auction interface. Buyers will receive instant download of purchased items in a variety of document formats.

A commission of 10 percent will be charged on each sale made and a one time listing fee per item of $5 will apply. This fee will be waived for members registering prior to the final launch.

While initially focusing on documented knowledge, Knexa.com plans to incorporate further online interactivity for knowledge buyers and sellers, such as Web video conferencing options for real-time consulting.

"It is my belief that everyone has valuable knowledge," said David Brett. "My vision for Knexa.com is to provide a way for those who share knowledge on the Internet to derive significant financial rewards."