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Internet Users Spend More Time, Money On PCs

Results from the latest Media Matrix study show Internet-using households own more powerful hardware, 50% more current software, and spend triple the amount of time with offline software than their non-Internet using peers.

Media Metrix, The PC Meter Company, uses PC Meter software technology installed on thousands of business and home PCs to track and measure usage and ownership of both online and offline digital applications.

The company's 1997 fourth quarter report on U.S. PC household hardware ownership found that overall there are 19.2 million PC households using the Internet and 18.8 million not on the Net in the U.S.

Among the report's findings:

  • Twice as many Netizens own Pentium or higher processors (8.6 million) versus non-Net users (4.4 million).
  • Windows 95 is used in twice as many Internet households than non-Internet households, 10.2 million vs 5.1 million.
  • Internet households spent nearly triple the amount of time (23 hours) on their PCs using non-communication software (Internet and online software) than non-Internet households (8 hours) in December 1997.
  • Internet households own an average of 74 software packages, while non-Internet households own 55 packages on average.

"Rather than just getting by with what they need to own and use to be online, we are finding Internet and online households insist on owning the latest technology and getting the most out of their PCs," said Bruce Ryon, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Media Metrix' Technology Division. "Targeting Internet users assures technology marketers a much more likely and willing audience for their products."