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BT's New Internet Package Includes PC

BT has introduced a total Internet package that includes its own Fujitsu PC for an all-inclusive monthly charge of £25.99 ($42) over three years.

The new package, called BT Internet PC, is aimed at consumers who do not want to make a capital outlay for a system. The deal includes free weekend calls to the Internet using an 0800 number.

"Our research shows that the main barriers for people wanting to get on to the Internet are choosing a PC, configuration, navigation and call charges," said John Swingewood, director, BT Internet & Multimedia Services.

"This package addresses all of those concerns for less than 90 pence a day. The 0800 unlimited access at weekends will be particularly attractive for parents who are worried that children may run large call charges during peak Internet usage times."

There are many features in the package that suggest a high specification, including unlimited e-mail addresses, unlimited Web space, support for 56k modem speed, a 400MHz CPU with 15-inch monitor, 4.3 Gb hard disk, and Internet software for chat, browsers and even telephony.

One other, unique feature of the BT offering is a home visit by an Internet tutor who apparently will show users how to access and browse the Internet, and use the e-mail system.

BT did not say if the company had yet recruited the tutors or whether there was any danger of demand for them outstripping supply.

Users who pay monthly will have paid a total of £935.64 ($1500) by the end of the 3-year period. BT is offering the option for customers to pay in advance, in which case the package will cost £751.50 ($1215).